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About the project «BiliUM»


The project deals with the development of an education module for possible further development of a curriculum, for pedagogic professionals working with bilingual children in preschool crossing over to primary school. This includes pedagogic staff of municipalities, kindergartens and also freelance pedagogues working with children on the issue of language development.

It is necessary for sophisticated integration of migrants into society and into the labour market. To improve the competitiveness and to fulfil the goals of the EC on language diversity in combination with overcoming the generation gap we need to support language development for children and qualification of people working with them, irrespective of whether they are natives or migrants.

The necessity to reorganize working programs of kindergartens with regards to special communicative and interactive needs of bilinguals affects professional education of staff and changes attitudes of organisations on programs of IVT and VET. Therefore we will produce a competence program, to advance the willingness of cross-cultural learning.

The partnership wants to set up an education module which includes aspects of intercultural learning, psychology and language development for two equal languages. Special focus will be on a change management of educational organisations developing bilingual education programs for children.

The project wants to embed the topic of bilingualism and development of skills and competences in vocational and professional education. Methods and didactics will be extracted from approaches in order to improve the qualifications and career development of pedagogic staff within their professional duties and to support their employer to assist by using what has been learned