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Сроки проведения семинаров и условия участия


    Subject   Date  
1   thematic meeting: universities- coordination of scientific work at the project, strategies on internal and external dissemination of scientific work
Workshop on result 1: situation of bilingual teaching in Europe, discussion of results and preparation for publication
  26 – 27.01.2013   NL   all
2   Thematic meeting: MSO working group, preparation of thematic topics; implementation of results from other thematic and structural groups in the daily work,  implementing approaches of professional education in NGO´s   Beg. of 4.2013   SE   SE,FR,NL,UK,D
3   Thematic meeting: professional education: change management in organizations, developing new working programs for kindergartens.   End of 6.2013   AT   all
4   nuronal-cognitive aspetcs of languageaqucisition. Experiences of working with bilingual children. The meeting will include presentation of applied working results at the partnerorganisation plus training provided by University (D). Furthermore teaching material will be presented by university of St. Gallen   13 – 14.07.2013   UK   all
5   Midterm meeting, controlling of milestones, evtl. adjustments WS: social-psychological aspects of teaching to bilinguals; exchange of experience and applied approaches. The meeting will include thematic dicussions plus training provided by Roskilde University. methods of teaching at supplementary schools: cultural aspects and child-parent learning programs   Approx.10.2013   FR   all
6   WS: methodical recommendations for working with bilinguals, preparation of the planned outcome Thematic meeting: professional education: use of results in professional education and curriculum development   Beg. of 4.2014   CH   all
7   final meeting, presentation of results   17 – 18.7.2014   DE   all


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Условия участия:

  • Проезд, проживание, питание участников семинара за счет участников (или направляющей стороны).
  • Для партнеров проекта участие в семинарах бесплатное.
  • Заинтересованные лица из Нидерландов, желающие принять участие в том или ином семинаре подают заявку в свободной форме на e-mail bilium@russchool.nl с указанием даты/темы семинара и оплачивают регистрационный взнос € 75,-